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Rich and Luxurious Velvet Bridesmaids Dress for Winter Wedding

by BABARONI 24 Nov 2022

Through searching various social media and different kinds of questionnaires, we found that bridesmaids prefer to choose thick satin and velvet dresses in winter compared to chiffon dresses. Chiffon skirts are more elegant and light, more suitable for spring and summer--mild weather. Satin and velvet dresses are more suitable for cold winter.

December will be coming into the winter, the weather is abnormally cold, and there may be heavy snow and strong wind. For bridesmaids who plan to be bridesmaids at Christmas and New Year, it will be a big challenge how to choose warm and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

To meet the needs of the bridesmaids, Babaroni also launched different styles of satin and velvet skirts. Babaroni's dresses are size-inclusive from 0-30 and offer a diverse variety of styles for all body shapes to make sure that everyone is looking their very best and most confident. If these are not enough, we also provide custom sizes. If there are mothers-to-be or special needs, we will make special tailoring according to their needs to ensure that their dresses fit perfectly.

With the developed fabrics with romantic designs, your wedding party is going to be just as fabulous as you and your sweetie at the altar. So as the weather turns down the temperature, we have chosen our favorites for this upcoming winter to keep your besties warm and glamorous.

Today we will introduce our new bridesmaids' dresses with velvet fabrics.

1. open back max red velvet bridesmaid dresses with Flutter Sleeves
Babaroni bridesmaid dress Delores
Babaroni Delores
Babaroni bridesmaid dress Delores
Babarnoi Delores

When thinking of velvet skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is red velvet. Red is a brighter and more eye-catching color. Red is warm and beautiful, and velvet is elegant and generous, their combination is unbeatable and is the perfect choice for many brides' weddings. A beautiful vintage red velvet dress and decorations are sure to keep your winter wedding warm and stylish!

This velvet maxi Delores dress pairs a gracefully draped bodice with soft sleeves and a flowy skirt. A daring and timeless plunge neckline completes the look. An elegant keyhole back adds a modern edge to this opulent velvet dress

Red velvet can also be used in details such as the groom's tie, buttons, cufflinks, and the bride's hair accessories, jewelry, wristbands, etc. Of course, it doesn't have to be all red. This decorative color can be used with other colors in the wedding, such as traditional and calm white and blue, to neutralize the strong feeling and add romance and tenderness.

2. Off Shoulder Long Sleeves Velvet Dresses
Babaroni bridesamid dress Bridget
Babaroni Bridget
Babaroni bridesamid dress Bridget
Babaroni Bridget

Of course, in addition to the red velvet skirt, we also specially adjusted more than 20 other colors, such as dusty blue, slate blue, royal blue, green color, silver color, etc.

This velvet dress Bridget features an off-the-shoulder neck with long sleeves, well sewed hidden zipper, the same color sash, and a vertical sheath waist. The design of the dropped shoulders can not only cover the flesh on the arms well but also highlight your beautiful neckline. With a subtle shimmer from the velvet fabric, this look is one to love.

3. Spaghetti Straps Velvet Midi Dresses with Pockets
Babaroni bridesmaid dress Enid
Babaroni Enid
Babaroni bridesmaid dress Enid
Babaroni Enid

In addition to long skirts, of course, we also have a mid-length dress to choose from for our bridesmaids who are not very tall.

This Enid dress is inspired by an A-line silhouette that keeps the balance between sweet and sassy, which features a cummerbund waist detail and V-neckline that is flattering and stylish, at the same time while spaghetti straps still offer support. Like most other gowns, this one also comes with a built-in bra. We particularly love this slate blue color for a late winter wedding to embrace the colder temperatures!

Now we could share a few real pictures from our customers. Wish it can give you some suggestions and references.

Babaroni Enid shared by customers
Babaroni Enid shared by customers
Babaroni Enid shared by customers
Babaroni Enid shared by customers

In wedding decorations, whenever you need fabrics in the winter, velvet is a priority, such as a background curtain decoration of the wedding platform, the tablecloth, table runner, napkin, seat cover, and so on on the table. Velvet elements are used in most small wedding items, such as ring boxes, ring pillows, invitations, garlands, etc. A small wedding item can also bring a warm feeling to relatives and friends attending the wedding.

Conclusion: Thanks so much for your reading. We all hope this blog will be helpful for your upcoming wedding soon. And we have many inspirations on proposals, weddings, gift ideas, and more. Feel free to share this blog with your friends. We would be truly grateful if more people could see our brilliant ideas.

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In this blog, we focus on velvet dresses that are popular with bridesmaids and brides in winter. We will introduce another fabric, satin in one of the following articles. If you are interested, you could follow our blog or other social media. If you have any ideas or questions about satin skirts, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. If you like our blog, please share it with your friends. Maybe they will find it beneficial as well! We will highly appreciate your sharing.

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