Shipping Policy

We can sell all our products all over the world. We usually ship our dresses via DHL and UPS. We apply the air transport of DHL ( and UPS ( The time of shipping varies with the distance of the shipment. And local carriers' efficiency will also affect the delivery time. Normally, the time of shipment to different areas are followings:

COUNTRIES/SHIPPING TIME Standard Shipping Expedited Shipping
The USA and Canada 7-12 Days 2-3 days
other countries in North America 7-12 Days 4-6 days
Europe 7-12 Days 3-4 days
Australia and New Zealand 7-12 Days 3-4 days
other countries in Oceania 7-12 Days 5-6 days
South America 7-12 Days 4-7 days
East Asia and Southeast Asia 7-12 Days 2-4 days
other Asian countries 7-12 Days 4-7 days
Africa 7-12 Days 5-7 days
Island countries on the ocean 7-12 Days 4-8 days

The above days are all working days, during the major holidays, the number of airport freight will increase and the transportation will be delayed. If you need this dress urgently, please contact us in advance and inform us of the date you need. We will arrange it for you as soon as possible.

The above days mentioned above are all working days (business days). During the major holidays, The number of goods will increase dramatically and the transportation will be delayed. If you need this dress urgently, please contact us in advance and inform us of the date you need. We will arrange it for you as soon as possible.

For Countries: United States (52/62 States Regions Including : Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Micronesia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Palau, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming),United Kingdom, Canada

For All Products except wedding dresses
Order Value($) Standard Shipping($) Expedited Shipping($)
0-39.99 5.99 23.99
40-149.99 16.99 29.99
150-199.99 19.99 32.99
200-249.99 24.99 35.99
250-299.99 29.99 39.99
300-349.99 34.99 44.99
350-399.99 39.99 49.99
400-449.99 44.99 54.99
450-499.99 49.99 59.99
500-599.99 54.99 64.99
600-699.99 FREE 69.99
700-799.99 FREE 79.99
800-899.99 FREE 89.99
900-999.99 FREE 99.99
1000-1499.99 FREE 109.99
1500-1999.99 FREE 119.99
2000 and up FREE 126.99




For Countries Listed Below: United States ( Regions Including: American Samoa, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Rhode Island, U.S. Virgin Islands )United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican City, Vietnam

Order Value($) Standard Shipping($) Expedited Shipping($)
0-39.99 9.99 27.99
40-149.99 21.99 34.99
150-199.99 24.99 39.99
200-249.99 27.99 43.99
250-299.99 31.99 48.99
300-349.99 35.99 53.99
350-399.99 39.99 57.99
400-449.99 45.99 62.99
450-499.99 49.99 67.99
500-599.99 54.99 72.99
600-699.99 FREE 75.99
700-799.99 FREE 81.99
800-899.99 FREE 91.99
900-999.99 FREE 103.99
1000-1499.99 FREE 112.99
1500-1999.99 FREE 123.99
2000 and up FREE 132.99



For Other Countries Not Listed Above: (Only support expedited shipping)

Order Value($) Expedited Shipping($)
0-39.99 59.99
40-149.99 79.99
150-299.99 99.99
300-399.99 119.99
400-599.99 139.99
600-799.99 159.99
800-999.99 179.99
1000-1499.99 199.99
1500-1999.99 219.99
2000+ 249.99



We do not reimburse the customs duty charged by the customer country. If there are chances that your country will levy customs duties, please state directly and clearly when you reply to the confirmation email. If there are any customs duties, please kindly bear them by yourself.

Production And Delivery Time

We will handle your order within 24 hours and inform our tailors to start custom making your dresses. So if you would like to cancel this order, please contact us within 24 hours. We will charge you a number of fees for cancellation over 24 hours because the fabric and other material prepared for your dress have already been cut and wasted.Generally, the processing time may vary according to the complexity of different dresses. The required time is usually as followings:Wedding dresses: 3-4 weeks.Bridesmaid dresses: 2-3 weeks.Prom dresses: 2-3 weeks.Mother of the bride dresses: 2-3 weeks.The delivery time of accessories and swatches is up to our inventory. They are able to be shipped within 24 hours if we have sufficient stock.Please read the important information above carefully to better understand our work. Therefore, we sincerely suggest you choose a reasonable delivery date and inform us of your ideal delivery date by responding to our confirmation email. We will quickly start to handle your order if all the information is clearly confirmed.Please notice that the shipping address can not be changed if your package has been sent out already. Therefore if you want to change the shipping address, please inform us via email as soon as possible. If you do have to change the address, we can help you contact the express company to make a revise, but it may cost extra fees. And customer should be responsible for the extra fees. We will inform you of the tracking number soon after delivery. You can check and track your order on their official website.Note: The colour of the products displayed on your computer or mobile-phone may be slightly different from the actual colour. This is the common problem of different display equipment. Therefore if you want to order the bridesmaid dresses in bulk, we strongly recommend you to order our swatches and fabric samples first. You can then place your bulk order after you are sure about the colour of our products.

The Rush Order

Though we recommend you order your dresses in advance, we completely understand the urgent cases in a rush. Please do not worry. We Babaroni offer the best service of rush order as well.

You can choose the earliest date you are expecting to receive your order on our website. Our smart website will automatically calculate the extra charge for you. We will give you a up to 5% discount if there is a delay in your rush order. Still, we hope you can order your dress in advance so that we both have enough time to do a great job.

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