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Reach the Limit of Sky: Our Top 5 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

by BABARONI 19 Sep 2019

Looking for bridesmaid dress idea? If you Google the search term dusty blue bridesmaid dress, you'll quickly find that the dusty blue shades are so popular. There are so many beautiful dusty blue bridesmaid gowns on the Internet or shared on social media. That's true. Dusty blue dresses are now everywhere. Dusty bridesmaid dresses are bold in color but dignified in styles. 

I bet you have noticed that dusty shades of blue are taking the wedding world by storm. These soft, romantic hues quickly go viral on the Internet. And right, they are good at presenting bridesmaids in the best way. BABARONI is famous for its dusty blue dresses. We love this beautiful hue so much. The color dusty itself is a wonderful charming picturesque on their own. Meanwhile, it always works perfectly with other shades and patterns. If you are looking for a wedding color inspiration, dusty blue is absolutely a worthy try. It is the dream wedding color. So today we will recommend our top 5 most beautiful and best selling dusty blue bridesmaid dresses! They are all dreamy, angelic and gorgeous! Never miss these charming dresses!


The color dusty blue is a calming and peaceful hue. So it is suitable for formal and dignified styles. And Brook is a vivid example. It is an Applique and Beaded Dress with Sweetheart Neck. The classic A-line cut allows everybody and figure to fit in perfectly and comfortably. Delicate applique upper bodice makes this dress so dignified. Smooth empire high waistband plays a clever visual trick to make you look even taller. Though we have up to 64 colors available, Brook appears its best look in the color dusty blue. This beautiful dress of vintage style looks really appealing and graceful.

Brook has a super beautiful vintage back design.  Handmade applique is sewed on the transparent tulle. And special pattern enlightens the whole back impression.

BABARONI Brook Dusty Blue
BABARONI Brook Dusty Blue


When it comes to the visual trick, no one knows much better than Miranda. This spaghetti strap lace and chiffon dress is so elegant and graceful. Special off-shoulder design highlights your sexy shoulder and attractive hollow.  The shallow V neck presents your charming chest while avoiding exposing too much.  Talented designers use delicate lace to make a beautiful pleated upper bodice. Therefore, the upper skirt looks so delicate and attractive. And the thin smooth waistband reveals your narrow waist. The light and flowy skirt make you look graceful and dignified. Moreover,  the dress appears so elegant, particularly in the color dusty blue.

BABARONI Miranda Dusty-Blue
BABARONI Miranda Dusty Blue

Miranda is our best selling dress. She really has good reasons because of the elegant silhouette and sexy shoulder features. However, we find most customers would like to select the color dusty blue when ordering this dress. Data is the secret behind the success.  Miranda is flawless in the color dusty blue. We have strong reason to recommend this dress!

BABARONI Miranda DustyBlue


Bryony looks so beautiful in the dusty blue color.  This is a pretty V-neck lace lining tulle dress. Though it is our 2019 fall new arrival, it sells quite well. The delicate lace bodice makes this dress charming and attractive. Bryony looks romantic in the wisteria color. However, it looks really appealing and dignified in the color dusty blue.  The pleated chestal design in dusty blue is abundant in changes. And this color perfectly highlights your skin and makes you look stunning.

BABARONI Bryony Dusty Blue

And Bryony has a special back design. We adapt straps back design to highlight your back. And the thin straps make you look sexy and eye-catching.

BABARONI Bryony Dusty Blue


Simple, neat, elegant. That's what most customers impression on our dress Cassiopeia. We all share a positive impress on this great simple dress. This v neck chiffon dress knows the charm of simplicity. She abandons the complex design to be simple. And it turns out she is right. She stands out for its simplicity. The only little decoration of this dress is the cute bow sash on the behind. The sash makes you look tender and soft. If the style is simple, try to catch people with its color. That's our secret. Therefore, please choose dusty blue if you want to try Cassiopeia. This elegant color brings charm and glory to this dress.

BABARONI Cassiopeia Dusty Blue

Moreover, Cassiopeia owns a charming V shape open back detail. The invisible zipper makes this dress flawless and delicate.

BABARONI Cassiopeia Dusty Blue


Nydia is stunning, charming and unstoppable. This halter v Neck chiffon gown gains lots of positive reviews and great feedback on social media. The halter design and deep v neck highlights your proud chest and shows your feminine beauty. The high empire waistband presents your narrow waist and makes you look taller. Moreover, the dress takes a bold open-back design. She wants to be the center of focus all the time. People would stare at your beautiful back even though you are walking far away.

BABARONI Nydia Dusty Blue

Nydia adapts a classic A-line cut which will make you comfortable to wear and easy to move. The special 3D cut makes this dress perfect and gorgeous.

BABARONI Nydia Dusty-Blue
BABARONI Nydia Dusty Blue

Tips: Accessories Ideas with Dusty Blue Dresses

During our last blog How Do You Pick a Bridesmaids Dress Color 7 Important Elements You May Neglect, we have talked about the color classification. Yes, dusty blue belongs to the cold color. Therefore, if you want a harmonious dusty blue overall image, a similar color like gray, silver and steel gray are great choices. However, if you want to create a strong color shock impress, feel free to do some bold try. But if you are not a color expert, and you want to be safe at looking. The color white and gray is the best for you.

If you want to choose a pair of earring, actually we suggest you do that, silver ones with small diamond are better than the colorful strange ones. People like pearl earrings because they are beautiful. However, we do not suggest you do that as a bridesmaid. Because the bride usually chooses a pair of earrings to match their pure white or ivory bridal gowns. Therefore, try to avoid being the same as the bride. The silver earrings decorated with diamond are a great choice.

Accessories Ideas with Dusty Blue Dresses

A necklace is highly recommended as well. Bridesmaids usually choose a v neck dress. That's a perfect choice for you to wear a necklace. But remember to choose simple ones. And do not choose multi-layer necklace which will make you look overwhelmed. Just a silver necklace with a small diamond or zircon is perfect.

The shoes can be high heels or flat, both okay. But you should make the final decision based on your dress. If your dress is a little bit long, high heels can help. If you are already very tall, and the dress is good when you are barefoot. Then you are free to wear flats. When choosing the color of shoes, we believe white and gray ones are suitable. Do not neglect the color of your shoes and think people would not notice that. However, details are everything.

BABARONI Dusty Blue Dress

In conclusion

Today, we mainly introduce our top 5 most popular dusty blue dresses for you. Nowadays, the dusty blue color is becoming more and more welcomed and popular. This color is so inclusive that it is suitable for everybody of different ages and skins.

We flipped and fell in love with this beautiful color when we noticed so many gorgeous beautiful wedding moments in the dusty blue shades. And that's why we particularly select this hot color to make a detailed introduction. Moreover, we pick our top 5 most elegant dusty blue dresses for your reference. We make a concrete explanation on the style, details, neck and back design.

BABARONI Dusty Blue Dresses

Brook is famous for the upper bodice and vintage back detail. Miranda has a charming off-shoulder design. Bryony's v neck is so attractive. Cassiopeia in dusty blue looks gorgeous. Nydia knows the charm of simplicity.

And we also shared some helpful tips for you to select the accessories to match dusty blue dresses. Remember to select simple styles. You do not need to be as complex as a bride. However, please pay attention to the color of your shoes. people will notice every single detail.

We believe you must have some other gorgeous talented idea about the popular dusty blue dresses. Feel free to share with us!

BABARONI Dusty Blue Gowns

We would appreciate it a lot if you could share our blog with your friends! BABARONI will work hard to offer you a wonderful wedding inspiration! Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to be updated.

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