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How to Choose The Plus Size Wedding Dress | 5 Tips for Round Women

by BABARONI 26 Oct 2018
You finally had an official request, wow!! We always dream of it, and this day has finally arrived. Obviously, be honest, we are all the same, you have necessarily already imagined your wedding dress. But once you have the fait accompli, you are finally lost in your choices, firstly because there are so many models and cuts that it is difficult to choose, but also because you have shapes to good highlight according to your morphology. When we are round, it always apprehends a little more the choice of our plus size wedding dress. Maybe scared of not finding a dress that really draws your feminine curves? But no worries, we always can find the happiness. Try to put aside your small complexes to show everyone your beautiful body shape. The generous curves can instead be an asset so just enjoy it. [caption id="attachment_1058" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Plus Size Wedding Dress Open Back Wedding Dress Princess Wedding Dress Plus Size Wedding Dress[/caption]
Which style to choose for your plus size wedding dress?
First of all, try to determine your figure in order to find a dress that will enhance your curves without being bothering you. We will try together to target your assets and small areas that you want to camouflage to find your ideal dress.
1, the form:
The form of dress that best suits the morphology of round women is the one cut in A, that is to say the cut dresses "empire wedding dress" or "princess wedding dress". It can hide areas such as hips and belly, while highlighting your assets. It is also one of the most appreciated forms because it can play with simplicity and romance. [caption id="attachment_1061" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Babaroni Wedding Dress Winni Plus Size Wedding Dress Princess Wedding Dress Strapless Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Winni[/caption]
2, the fabric:
Do not overload your dress. Avoid all that is volume below the chest, which might tend to accentuate your forms. Rhinestones and any other ornament should be used sparingly, so should lace. If you want a very simple fabric, prefer fluid and lightweight, this will lengthen your figure.
3, other tips:
It should be known that A-line wedding dresses are a priori those that would be best. But here are some tips that will help you in your final choice: If you have a nice chest (oh the little lucky), do not hesitate to pronounce your choice on a nice bustier, obviously sober. First of all, you will be much more comfortable with a well-bred chest but above all, it will allow you to dance until the end of the night without any worries. [caption id="attachment_1067" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Babaroni Wedding Dress Maureen Plus Size Wedding Dress Open Back Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Maureen[/caption] If in addition to having a nice chest, you have the beautiful legs, do not hesitate to choose a short plus size wedding dress. Of course, it will benefit your figure. [caption id="attachment_1070" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Short Plus Size Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Wedding Dresses with Sleeve Short Plus Size Wedding Dress[/caption] If you have a small belly, go to a flared shape. I explain myself, a dress that flares below the chest to hide your pretty handles of love, but that will highlight the shape of your chest. [caption id="attachment_1071" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Babaroni Wedding Dress Roberta Plus Size Wedding Dress A-line Wedding Dress Simple Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Roberta[/caption] If you're pretty thin in upper body, but want to camouflage your thighs, choose the real princess plus size wedding dress, the ball gown wedding dress! The one that will make you have a wasp waist and that will completely cover your legs. [caption id="attachment_1072" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Babaroni Wedding Dress Queena Plus Size Wedding Dress Strapless Wedding Dress Long Train Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Queena[/caption]
What to avoid?
If your shapes are fairly uniform, avoid tulle. It is a material that tends to give volume. Choose the organza that in appearance will give you the same effect. When you have shapes, you really have to avoid very tight or straight dresses. They do not emphasize your curves, on the contrary. No big wedding dresses or column wedding dress. The secret is to choose a plus size wedding dress that will focus, and will highlight your beautiful forms assumed. Regarding patterns and other ornaments, it's really not advisable. Your dress will be too full, it will rather favor simplicity.
Which Color?
Even if white is the traditional color of marriage, it is not the one that will put you in the greatest value. If this color is really important to you, you can still go to the off-white. But there is a piece of advice, rather than pastel colors and light colors, such as beige or powdery pink, would suit you perfectly. [caption id="attachment_1076" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Babaroni Wedding Dress Zora Plus Size Wedding Dress Champagne Wedding Dress Babaroni Wedding Dress Zora[/caption]
Do not worry about a plus size wedding dress. Just chose a wedding dress in the color you like and in the style can highlight the benefits of your body. You will be the most beautiful bride. ;) If you like this blog, you can follow us via INS.
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