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How To Choose Dresses for Bridesmaids That Complement The Bride

by BABARONI 19 Apr 2020

People usually find much information and lots of posts on the Internet stating the stress and press of weddings. Therefore many people feel stressed after reading some posts. However, do not worry. Here comes our today's topic. BABARONI with share some useful information on picking dresses for your bridesmaid squad.

We may never solve the problem if we ignore or dodge it. So what we have to do is to face it directly and find out the solutions. There are many things to do to prepare a wonderful wedding. As a professional dress supplier and event dress problem solver, BABARONI will offer you great considerate and practical dress advice. Now, let's start.

On top of this issue, you must talk with your bride to figure out the wedding style. Bridesmaids play a significant role in complementing the gorgeous bride on her big day.

Therefore, bridesmaids must make sure they have surely learned the bridal look before you finally buy your bridesmaid dress.

  1. Keep the Wedding Style In Mind

First and most importantly, you should always bear the wedding style and bridal look in your mind. Because this is the most significant guide of your bridesmaid dress selection. If the wedding dress is vintage-inspired, it would be super awkward for the bridesmaids to be dressed in trendy gowns with modern silhouettes.


Therefore, bridesmaids should carefully ask and discuss with the bride-to-be to get the wedding style inspiration. Is the wedding dress style whimsical and romantic? Then consider dressing your squad with flowy fabrics and ruffled sleeves. You all will enjoy a dream flowy wedding. If your bride wants to have a bold and trendy wedding, consider outfitting girls in mismatched bridesmaid dresses with different styles to create a different and unforgettable wedding.

Your bridesmaid dresses should always match the formality of the wedding gown. If you're wearing a ball gown wedding dress, your squads are not suggested to wear boho bridesmaid dresses because those are better suited for a desert-chic wedding.

Also, dress length is an important element when choosing a dress. To keep the formality the same, girls had better keep the same dress length each other and complement wedding style. If your wedding dress is a full-length number with a voluminous silhouette, your bridesmaids should similarly be dressed in full-length bridesmaid dresses with luxe details that are suitable for your elegant wedding venue.

  • Share Some Dress Details 

Bride and their girls should be a harmonious team. They are not separate islands. That is to say, we must use some techniques to make them look like a team or squad. The most simple but useful way is to bring something the same. Bridesmaids can share something the same as the bride or with each other. People would soon find them so beautiful and harmonious.

They can share the same color, hue,fabric or style. For example, girls could wear various styles but all in the same color to complement the bride's look. People will quickly find out this splendid squad by the stunning color.

What's more, it would be 100% gorgeous for your girls to wear a bridesmaid dress made of lace top if the bride puts on a grand lace wedding dress.

Besides, bridesmaids could also choose mermaid silhouette, A-line dress or off-shoulder style simultaneously.

The small but useful tips will quickly help you organize an attractive wedding squad!

3. Do not Need to Be Exactly Same

We suggest bridesmaids share some details. However, this does not mean you have to wear exactly the same dresses. When it comes to styling your bridesmaids, you need to avoid choosing bridesmaid dresses that look too similar to each other. All your girls are special and unique, they also want to show their charm and elegance at your wedding. Choosing dresses based on personal body figure will make them feel comfortable and confident.

One detail that should never be shared among your girls is the neckline. People will usually choose a long dress for a formal occasion such as awards, weddings and so on. So they may have a limited choice of hem style. But the neckline allows them to show the difference. Make sure to let bridesmaids choose their own favorite neck.

4. Tie Everyone's Look Together With Accessories

Accessories are critical parts for the overall look as well. Smart people usually just use some accessories to tie everyone's look. For instance, let's say that your wedding color scheme is blush and lovely pink. If your bridesmaids are wearing pink bridesmaid dresses, you could have everyone carry blush bouquets to make your bridal party look cohesive.

By the way, you can also use a thin coat and stoles to tie everyone's look together. Even pocket square or tie can play the same role.

  • Get Creative Ideas

Last but not least, you can design and decide on your own wedding. Yes, this is your big day. You can arrange the settings as you want. Feel confident to get some creative ideas! We believe your girls will be impressed by your wonderful dreamy thoughts as well.


Now, you have learned a lot on how to pick bridesmaid dresses. I hope this blog will give you some inspirations.

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