How Do You Pick a Bridesmaids Dress Color? | 7 Important Elements You May Neglect

How do you feel in a gray room? Why do you feel so calm when seeing a peaceful blue sea? Do you notice that you will be much happier in a yellow car?

You may get different imagination and feeling when thinking about the questions above. And that is exactly our topic for today's blog: Colors. Actually, this will be an endless topic. In 1666, English famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the pure white light separates into all of the visible colors when it passes through a prism. That's human being's scientific study in the physical field. And many scientists from other fields like philosophy,psychology and sociology devoted much time studying how different colors influencing our behavior and cognition. And they did find some interesting results.

The color red has been found to influence sports performance. During the 2004 Summer Olympics the competitors in boxing, taekwondo, freestyle wrestling, and Greco-Roman wrestling were randomly given blue or red uniforms. While over 55% of athletes in red uniforms achieved greater scores and won the game.

Psychologists found people usually describe black as a "powerful" color. And that might be the reason why black is the most popular color for luxury vehicles.

As a professional dressmaker, BABARONI never stops exploring the powerful effect of different colors. And that's why we now have up to 64 colors available. And we are stilling trying to create more great colors for you.

BABARONI Color Chart
BABARONI Color Chart

With so many color options, you may wonder how to pick the best color? Actually, the color is a subjective existence. They can not be judged simply as "good" or "bad". However, there is a proper or suitable color for certain events! So today we will help you find the most suitable color for a bridesmaid dress step by step. Keep reading and you will find this so helpful.

No.1 Know the wedding inspiration

The very first important thing for you is to know the wedding inspiration. Yes, the main characters of a wedding are the brides and her groom. So you must show your respect to keep great harmonious with them. You can directly ask the bride about the wedding idea and main color tune to get inspired. And the thing is being harmonious does not mean being the same. You still have a wide variety of color options. But remember to stay in a similar kind of colors. Simply keep the cool & warm colors rule in mind.

As we all know, colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors including blue, purple, and green. These colors are often described as peaceful and calm. Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

Therefore, basically, you shall know the main color tone of the wedding and pick the color accordingly. If it will be a passionate wedding party, red, burgundy and sunset are all great options! While if you will attend a peaceful wedding, colors like dusty blue, slate blue or sage green shall be your first choices.

BABARONI Real Wedding
BABARONI Real Wedding

No.2  Location is key

The second important element to consider is the location and place. Though colors are subjective, they do express important feelings. And they are great signals expressing whether the event is formal or informal.

In the past, weddings are usually held in the solemn church. And the color is very single. Usually, the brides wear the white bridal gown and bridesmaids wear traditional gray. With the rapid development of society, there are more and more other kinds of weddings such as the romantic beach wedding, fresh forest wedding and so on. And the color options are increasing rapidly.

BABARONI Real Wedding

However, you shall choose the color according to the wedding location and place. Because the location means the formality or informality. Usually, cool colors like black, royal blue and dusty blue are suitable for formal weddings. And warm colors such as yellow, orange run greatly in informal weddings. But there are some exceptions. The color burgundy in a certain style is suitable for a formal event.

No.3 Consider the color of the bridal gown

Are you expecting the photo with the gorgeous bride on her big day? Yes, and that's why you have to consider the color of the bridal gown. You will stand near her to help her greet other guests and have nice photos with her. I believe you will never want your dress weird or inharmonious color to ruin the photos or people's impressions.

Usually, the bride will choose a grand wedding dress of classic white or pure ivory. And that will be much easier for you to choose your bridesmaid dress color. Make sure you will not choose a deep like gray, then things work perfectly. However, nowadays, many stylish brides will choose the color they like. And burgundy is popular these days. If this is the case, make sure you will never choose the same color as the brides. And still follow the cool & warm color rule to get the harmonious colors.

No.4 Ask your friends

Friends' opinions are important as well. Try to ask some best friends' suggestions. They are familiar with you. So you may know which color fits you well. You friends are not color experts? No worries. They do not have to be a color expert. They could still give you excellent advice because they know you and your personality. They will find your best image in a certain color.

And if you have some question about the dress fabric, you could read the blog Why Chiffon Dresses Are So Popular Nowadays to get inspired.

No.5 Consider your own personal style

Though others' opinion matters, you shall listen to your own idea as well.  You are the one who knows the shoes fit or not. And so is the dress.

By asking yourself, you shall begin with the question "what is your daily style?" Your usual style is very important. You had better keep that style at the wedding. For example, if you are dynamic and playful, you could choose to dress a cute short dress to keep your personal style. And if you are elegant and graceful during daily life, long chiffon dress is your best choice to make you look pretty.


Of course, you could have some changes especially for big events like a wedding. However, please control the change reasonably. And remember your role as a considerate bridesmaid at a wedding. So please try to avoid dressing too grand luxurious dresses.

No.6 Be mindful of the dress color and skin tones

No race discrimination here. Every skin is highly worshiped and respected by BABARONI. However, the color match between dress color and skin tones does help you create a great image.

And the secret is lighter color will make you look young while the dark color will make you look mature. Moreover, lighter colors like daffodil or lemon will make you appear white. Not sure about the color effect on you? Do not worry. We have the online showroom for you. You could create a showroom and add the dress you like to discuss with your friends. You could have a detailed communication here. It is very convenient.

BABARONI Lindsay-Lemon
BABARONI Lindsay Lemon

No.7 Consider the season

Thin and light fresh mint green is so popular in summer. However, it is rare in the cold winter. Thick classic black is so common in winter while you could hardly find it in hot summer. Have you noticed that? People's colors preference changes based on the rhythm of the four seasons. Therefore, you have to consider the season when you pick a color.

Usually, the fresh color like mint green, sage green, lemon, and daffodil are very popular in summer. And the gold colors like the sunset, orange, and rust sell very well in Fall. Colors for Winter are usually white or black. By the way, we found blue works very well on a Winter wedding as well. Just imagine Elsa's perfect blue dress in Frozen. You will know the answer. And red color like burgundy, mulberry,and watermelon are perfect for a wedding in Spring.

BABARONI Maggie Mint-Green
BABARONI Maggie Mint-Green
BABARONI Alivia Sky-blue
BABARONI Alivia Sky-blue

In conclusion

Today we have discussed the topic on how to pick a  suitable bridesmaid color. We mostly introduced this topic from the following 7 respects: wedding inspiration, wedding location, bridal gown color, friends' advice, personal style, skin tones, and season.

Color has a magic to turn our life colorful. But there are so many elements to consider when picking a certain color for a bridesmaid dress. However, the most important principle is being harmonious with the wedding.  Therefore, you shall know the wedding inspiration and main color tone. And then consider the formal or informal color based on the wedding location. Next, perfectly match the bridal gown to have nice photos. And friends' idea also counts. More importantly, consider your own style. Last but not least, pick the popular color according to the season.

Though we may have talked so much already, some other elements are influencing you to make the final decision. Therefore, if you have any great idea. Please feel free to talk with us on our social media.

Besides, we have introduced some beautiful bridesmaid dresses in certain colors. Now you have learned so much about color. Go ahead to explore your color tour!

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