Blue or Green? Two Popular Wedding Color Introduction & Comparison

Last week, we introduced some popular mint green styles, check out this link Summer Wedding Color Recommendation Top 5 Most Stunning Styles in Fresh Mint Green Color here, if you are interested. And many customers ordered mint dresses after checking that blog out. Also, we got some messages from our followers. Some people prefer blue hues. Yes, blue is another perfect shade for a Summer wedding as well.

So today, we will introduce a blue color to you and, we will give you some great blue color dresses from BABARONI to inspire you. And in the end, we will make a short comparison of blue and green color.

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Never miss BABARONI amazing promotions! We will keep you updated if you follow us. OK, Let's move to this week's topic. Blue dresses will go viral in every Summer. This color has many attractive characteristics making it trendy and popular. We will discuss these advantages based on our concrete styles.

  1. BABARONI Lindsay

The blue color looks soft, feminine, and tender. BABARONI Lindsay in blue color perfectly shows this strength. This is a graceful and elegant off-the-shoulder dress, the sleeves will make you look like a noble princess. Lindsay is an elegant off-the-shoulder dress, the sleeves will make you look like a princess.

The blue shade looks pure and innocent. Beryl is an elegant full-length chiffon dress. This beautiful dress features the pleated strapless neck design. The invisible zipper is a considerate design. If you want to have an innocent look, pick a strapless dress in blue color. This is a great pure look.

Sky blue looks fabulous in tulle fabric. Elina is an outstanding long tulle dress. It features the typical V neck and the sexy halter design makes this dress so stunning. The special back strap design makes this dress so pretty and reveals the beauty of your sexy back.

Blue match other colors harmoniously. If you would like to have a mixed fabric style, color blue the priority. BABARONI Anemone is a great example. This romantic chiffon and lace gown are boldly elegant and perfect for every type of ceremony. Enjoy the very flattering pleated bodice with a v-neckline, mixed with the bold full lace illusion back and a flowy chiffon skirt. Celebrate the best way we know how by dancing the night away with the newlyweds while looking and feeling fabulous.

Therefore, there are so many huge fans of the charming blue hues. Blue is so soft, feminine, and tender. And it looks pure and innocent, especially in a strapless style. Sky blue looks so stunning in tulle fabric. Blue match other colors harmoniously. Then what's the advantage of green colors?

BABARONI has many beautiful green colors ranging from dusty sage to mint green. All these green colors look fresh and dynamic.

Lime green is a great color for outdoor summer weddings. Pick BABARONI Cassiopeia as an example. Cassiopeia's modern crisscross, pleated front bodice combined with its chic illusion v-neckline make the bridesmaids look sexy, but the bow knot on the back makes the dress look more elegant. Cassiopeia in Lime green looks vigorous and dynamic. Take a screenshot to share with your friends!


Thanks so much for your time and reading. Today, we have talked about blue color dresses. Blue is a great color worth trying for all skins. Though we have only picked 4 blue dresses, we do have tons of gorgeous blue dresses at our site. Also, we make a short comparison between blue and green color. The green color is outstanding for its fresh, vigorous and dynamic feature.

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