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7 Tips to Save Money On Your Wedding

by BABARONI 21 Jan 2021

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You must have many arrangements and plans for the wedding of your dreams, but you may not be able to complete all the arrangements for your wedding for some reasons, such as money. Because some things are really expensive. Now I want to tell you some tips on how to save money with a perfect wedding.


  • Wedding date

You can choose to hold the wedding on the weekend. Because the wedding venue and catering costs on weekends are lower than usual. If you can plan the date of the wedding, make the ceremony and reception held at the same place, or at two locations within walking distance of each other, then you can save a fortune without having to host guests.

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  • Wedding invitations

Choose lower-priced flat printing for wedding invitations. If you like a thicker look and feel, you can use two layers as invitations. Using colored or other non-traditional outer envelopes instead of inner envelopes can save a little money. For wedding invitation kits, such as rehearsal dinners, welcome banquets, and the day-after brunch, you will be notified directly at one time. There is no need to prepare multiple cards for these events. Print the wedding ceremony plan and dinner menu while ordering wedding invitations, handle everything at once, and minimize printing costs.

  • Wedding arrangement

Only two or three big flowers and a little green plant can create a minimalist bridesmaid bouquet. There are many ways to rearrange your wedding flowers. Use decorative floral decorations on the escort card table or bar at the ceremony site. The bridesmaid’s bouquet is very suitable for the reception table. Besides, rent a special chair instead of a chair at the reception, because it is cheaper to pay for the transportation than to rent a chair twice. Finally, the fondant on the wedding cake can be replaced with buttercream, and the trade sugar flowers can be replaced with fresh flowers.

  • Wedding dresses and jewelry

Order wedding dresses at least eight or nine months in advance to avoid high handling fees and change fees. Follow your favorite bridal brands and learn about sample sales or promotional activities. You can rent jewelry from high-end websites, although you have to return it, you save a lot of money.

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  • Wedding catering

If you are going to get married in a big city, please try to book a cheap caterer who is located in the nearby suburbs and is willing to serve your event. If there are children at your wedding, please consult your caterer to see if they can discount their meals. Caterers usually cut costs by half or offer cheap catering menus. As a matter of fact, in order to cut personnel costs, a buffet is indeed the better way to save money. Because compared to flat-tasting dinner, you can usually get more food for the amount paid.

  • Wedding photographer

The cost of a wedding photographer can vary greatly. One sure way to save some money is to find new talent. Social media is a huge resource; in addition, experienced photographers often recommend people who are budding in the market. Consider booking a photographer for 8 to 10 hours instead of a full day.

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Consider hiring graduate musicians to perform at your ceremony or cocktail party. The price that can be booked is much lower than that of professionals.

Conclusion: The happiness of married life cannot depend on a wedding. A wedding is a sense of ceremony, and it should not be grand. For young people with limited financial resources, they can get married without money. I hope that the above-mentioned wedding money-saving tips can make your wedding lively.

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