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7 Points Of Bridesmaid Dress Matching In Winter

by BABARONI 28 Dec 2020

Winter is a cold season. Wearing thick clothes always feels clumsy. However, many people choose to get married in winter because they think winter is also a romantic season.

The bridesmaid is the beautiful scenery that cannot be ignored at the wedding, and the design on the shape cannot be ignored. How happy it is to be invited by a friend as a bridesmaid, but it is really difficult to be dignified and elegant at a wedding without grabbing the bride’s limelight. So what are the main points of matching bridesmaid dresses in winter?

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  • The dress style should be simple

In order not to grab the bride's limelight, the bridesmaid’s dress should be low-key and dignified, not too revealing. They both dress themselves up as cute princesses and avoid overwhelming guests. And if the style is simple, the atmosphere can also bring out its breath. At the same time, one important point for bridesmaids is that don’t wear too short skirts or pants. First of all, it is not suitable for outdoor activities and it is easy to get out. Second, it affects the image of the bride.

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  • Dress color

White belongs to the bride, this is the regular color partner. Bridesmaids usually wear warm-toned dresses. If there are multiple bridesmaids, they can wear skirts of the same color but in different styles. The dresses of all bridesmaids do not have to be strictly similar so that everyone looks very beautiful and has no sense of rigidity.

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  • Dress fabric

In addition to color, fabrics and tailoring details are the key points of modeling. Elegant and rich velvet fabrics, elegant and gorgeous chiffon yarns, romantic and classical lace, and fit and elegant tailoring can bring out the bridesmaid’s slim and charming confidence.

  • Do not wear a head veil

The bridesmaid's choice of accessories should be careful. Generally speaking, the bride wears a head veil, so the bridesmaid should not have a head veil. And even if the bride does not wear a head veil, the bridesmaid does not need to use it.

  • Pay attention to make up

As a qualified bridesmaid, the most important job is to bring out the beauty of the bride. So don't polish up a lipstick that day, it's best to show it with nude makeup or without makeup.

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  • Avoid expensive jewelry

One thing that bridesmaids need to pay attention to in accessories is that jewelry should not be too eye-catching or too expensive. If you think the dress is too monotonous, you can decorate it with a white silk scarf around your neck.

  • Cannot wear black dresses

In fact, in addition to the above points for the bridesmaid to pay attention to, there is another important point. For newcomers, there can be no mistakes on festive days, especially for bridesmaids, it is definitely not suitable to wear black dresses. In addition to black dresses on the wedding day, it is best not to try black stockings, especially mesh stockings, which will make the guests feel frivolous.

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Conclusion: Although winter is very cold, it is also a season that suitable for weddings. Especially when it snows, there will be an aesthetic feeling. The above are the things that bridesmaids need to pay attention to in the winter wedding, I hope it will be useful to you.

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