5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Support the Bride at the Age of Social Distancing

Preparing your big day? Feeling stressed? It's too normal! It's wedding stress that gets the best of every bride and groom—and that's where the wedding party comes in! That's the meaning where the wedding ritual lies in!

However, there is much for bridesmaids to do to alleviate brides' stress by these following 5 tips. Let's check out together!

  1. Discuss wedding theme and inspiration together

Instead of facing the cold Internet to find some others' wedding inspiration, you could talk to your besties and draw great inspirations from their experience.

You will have a wonderful chat with each other and get relief while expressing and listening to others. Also, you could share your worries and concern, your friends will always try their best to help you.

  • Select dresses together

When asking the most exciting thing about the wedding, many ladies would say, picking dream dress! Yes, it's such a big excitement for ladies to dress their favorite dresses on their big day!

And it's the best time to select your ideal dress with your bridesmaid team. We are here to back up your wonderful ideas! BABARONI has a wonderful online showroom to help you and bridesmaids to pick your dresses together.

You could easily create your own showroom in seconds. And share the link to your bridesmaids via email to invite them to join in your showroom. And then you could check and talk with each other while picking dresses.

This is the best place to shop together especially at the age of the social distancing. Everyone could join and pick their dresses at home by a laptop or simply mobile phone.

  • Hold a Beautiful Bouquet

People will feel relieved when holding something in their hands particularly when they are stressed. Therefore, BABARONI highly recommends you prepare nice bouquets for your lovely girls. And please considerably ask your bridesmaids about the allergy of flowers.

  • Deliver Batch Cocktails

The wedding party is absolutely the best place to drink and eat. People will feel so relaxed after a cup of cocktail or whiskey. Therefore, brides could make a short survey of the guests' favorite drinks. Bridesmaids and guests will be impressed by your considerate plan and drink supplies. Also, drinks will make you feel eased and relaxed. So that is a piece of useful and helpful tip.

  • Arrange a Sweet Treat

Sweet treat including cakes, candies, ice cream and so on satisfy guests' appetite. And more importantly, desserts make people feel comfortable and relieved.  Forget the dieting plan just for one day, you can have some wonderful sweet treat to please yourself and feel relaxed on the big day.


Thanks so much for your time and reading! You have read so much today! We have shared with you 5 useful and helpful tips for bridesmaids to support the bride and get relaxed on the big day. We outlined some simple and thoughtful ways to show the bride you've always got her back and to help her kick wedding planning stress to the curb.

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