4 Reasons Why We Should Order Bridesmaid Dresses Now

Hi, ladies! Many of you have been inquiring and worrying about our production and shipping schedules due to the recent worldwide impacts from COVID-19. We want to reassure you that our current production at BABARONI and logistics from our partners are all running normally at full speed now! You can still enjoy shopping from us! Please take care of yourself! We hope that all of our ladies and their family, friends are very well.

And today, we will share with you 4 important reasons to tell you why this is the best time to shop your dresses online!

  1. Safe, clean & healthy

We have discussed the difference between the "online shopping" and "offline shopping" in the blog titled Online VS. Offline Top 5 Advantages of Online Bridesmaid Dress Shopping. Feel free to check more details if you are interested. And today, we have discovered a brand new and novel aspect of online shopping. That is online shopping is very safe, clean and healthy.

To protect your security and health, we advocate all of our customers keep social distance manner. You might be confused about how to make it when shopping at the big shopping mall where is full of people. Therefore, the best way to complete your purchase quickly and healthily is to shop online. You can shop at any time anywhere. You do not need to worry about the distance with others since you can shop at your own house!

If now, why not shop BABARONI?

We are a great dress seller online. We have gained thousands of loyal customers worldwide through years efforts. Also, we have achieved great scores in many professional types of research. As the research released by 3rd Watch News recently shows, BABARONI already accounts for quite a large number of the prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and event dresses. Their research report offers competitive landscape of Asia-Pacific Prom Gowns market and deeply analyzes key manufacturers individually with information of specific products, annual industry performance, sales figure and revenue graphs. This report mainly focuses on manufacturing analysis including the raw materials, operations, process, cost structure, and manufacturing cost strategies. The report has drafted the report with the offerings of price, production type, acquisition & mergers, market size, market share, sales analysis, value chain optimization, trade regulations, technological innovations, opportunities analysis, and market players. It absolutely helps readers to analyze the market look forward to taking actions, accordingly.

You will be impressed by our soaring orders and sale growth!  Feel free to check our site now!

  • Best Time to Discuss with Your Family or Friend

Everyone is eager to share their happiness and joy with their friends. However, it is difficult to do that sometimes since people are busy with their own business. So this is almost the best time to discuss with your friends or family members.

One of our customers reached and told us her mother bought a dress for her. Though her mother wants to give her a surprise, she does not like the dress at all. This true story vividly shows the importance of discussing before final payment.

In the past, people usually believe picking a dress kills time. However, now we all have much spare time at home. Recently people are just searching on the Internet “how to kill time ”. And Ellen said on her Instagram" I am already bored."

So please grab this chance to deeply and sincerely discuss with your parents or bridesmaids. You will get a valuable chance to know each other better and get the dresses you all like!

  • Preparations Need to Be Done in Advance

Every single year, there are busy brides who hurry to arrange everything in a short time. As a result, they are stressful and anxious. In comparison, other brides look more relaxed and confident. We find the result when we notice their wedding schedule. Brides will have much time for alternations or adjustments if they order at least one month ahead of their weddings.

So BABARONI suggests ordering your dresses earlier. One or two months ahead of your event is a great option. And you might have this question"the earlier, the better?"

Usually, it is the case the earlier, the better. But there is an exception for the pregnant ladies. We recommend pregnant ladies shop just one month ahead of the event to get a perfect fit.

If you want to have your wedding in 2020, then this is the best time to shop now. You will be fully prepared for the coming wedding. And we are now operating our business as usual. Moreover, our logistics partners are working at a full speed now as well. Please do not worry. We will still produce your products normally and ship out your packages as soon as possible. Finally, you will receive your items on time!

Please remember the old saying that chances are for people who are prepared. Prepare now, to show your beauty soon!

  •  Embrace Change as well as Hope

As Heraclitus on said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Change is a common, natural and constant part of life, especially in such a fast-paced world that we live in today. Nowadays, we are facing unprecedented changes and challenges. Changes particularly some big changes can be tough and difficult, but change is often a good thing and can be worth it if we could benefit from it. While not all change makes you feel good, if we can handle it and look at it in the right aspect, growth, as well as good outcomes can come from accepting change.

Embracing change makes you adapt to a new environment better. You will also become more flexible. The more we deal with change, the more used to it we will become, the easier it will become when we deal with it. That's why we all should learn to accept and embrace the change. Your daily plan should also adjust according to different changes.

More importantly, we should all hold hope deeply in our heart. This is a test of our resolve, human solidarity and trust on each other. This is the time we should believe hope than ever. The well-known technology company Xiaomi has a very famous slogan, "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen."

Yes, we will finally celebrate your wonderful love story at your romantic wedding! We will finally salute to each other and dance together!

All you need to do is to be patient. We will all see a great victory together! And then please wear your BABARONI dress dance excitedly!


There is only one thing we care more about than offering you tons of colorful dresses, and that is the health and well-being of all our customers, clients, employees, business partners and their families. We strongly believe that if we all work together we will be able to overcome these difficult times.

Ladies! Please be assured that we are now operating normally. We will quickly handle your order and ship your products quickly. You will still soon reach your products!

Feel confident to shop at BABARONI all the time! If you have any question, do not hesitate to send emails to service@babaroni.com! Our customer service will soon reply to you to help!

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