2020 Top 3 Summer Wedding Color Inspiration & 5 Cool Inspiration Too Good to Miss

Which season is the best choice to get married? BABARONI found summer is a perfect season for many romantic weddings. People would hold their wedding in the summer for many reasons. And summer is suitable for many great wedding inspirations.

So, if you are eager for a summer wedding, have you ever wondered about the wedding color idea? There are so many colorful options for you for summer wedding parties. And today we will pick the top 3 best hues for summer weddings for you.

  1. Reach the Sky-- Blue Hues

The great thing about a summer wedding is you can bank on the weather (mostly) and you can make the most of the outdoor venues. The sky in the summer is so clear and beautiful. Therefore, sky blue and other similar blue colors are fantastic ideas for outdoor summer weddings. And blue colors are our best-selling colors all the time. Many customers share beautiful real wedding photos with us. And we found blue shades are really stunning at summer weddings.

BABARONI tons of styles allow you to have wonderful mix ideas. You can surely have the bridesmaids wear different styles in the same color. They will surprise and impress all the guests.

  • Pink Princess Dream-- Pink Shades

Dream pink colors are always so popular at weddings. And they are suitable for all the seasons since they are so classic and elegant. However, they are many kinds of pink. BABARONI recommends dusty rose and pearl pink.

Dusty rose is our hot selling pink shade. It looks so tender and graceful in all the styles. BABARONI styles in dusty rose look so attractive. Your bridesmaids will love their dusty rose dresses.

If you would like light pink, pearl pink is a great option. This is a great elegant light pink color.

Want some fresh hues at hot summer weddings? Green colors are what you are looking for.

We have so many fresh and vigorous green shades for summer weddings. Our mint green looks so fabulous that many customers order mint green looks.

Camille is a great style if you would like to set mint green environment. Camille is a romantic floor-length chiffon dress in an A-line cut. It features a v neckline with pleated details that hug and shape your body. The sash can add a playful bow detail. The mint green color makes this dress more attractive and special.

Now you have your own fashion summer wedding color ideas. So, we thought we’d help with some special inspiration with your summer wedding below.

Here are 5 interesting summer wedding ideas to make yours a sizzling show-stopper, whatever the weather. You can do all of this (and much, much more) with a summer wedding.

1. Beach weddings

Marry right on the sand, or you can hire a village hall or even a traditional maritime museum for some more weatherproof options. Beach wedding is becoming more and more popular those days.

Planning a beach wedding? Check out our customers' fantastic sharing.

2. Barbecues

Bold enough to have a barbecue at your wedding? Complete the culinary line-up with salads, chutneys or cheeses, and you will please guests. You can have this special wedding inspiration with your intimate family members and friends.

3. Beer bucket

Ice cool beer will absolutely make all your guests feel so comfortable and relaxed. This considerate setting and beer bucket will help them calm down and feel easy. Make sure your photographer snaps some photos before beers disappear.

4. Naked cakes

Yes, we still need cakes for weddings. But fluffy buttercream will usually melt and make the style a disaster. Therefore, we recommend naked cakes instead. Same taste and look more delicious!

5. Ice cream

Best partner at a summer wedding is the ice cream. How to make ice creams both delicious and decorative at your summer wedding?Hiring a vintage ice cream bicycle cart is a great and easy solution.


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